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Cameron Lawrence, created and sole admin of Madison County, IL Amateur Weather.

My name is Cameron Lawrence. I have always had a passion for weather, ever since before I even started school. I remember walking outside and looking at the sky and telling my grandpa it was going to rain before there was even a cloud in the sky. Instead of watching cartoons on Saturday morning, I was locked into The Weather Channel, keeping up-to-date on what all was going on in the world. My dream job has always been to become a storm chaser, like the ones from my all time favorite movie Twister! I have seen that movie so many times throughout my childhood and even adulthood that I could probably recite every single line!

I have always thought about going to school for meteorology. After I graduated high school I sat down and looked into it. What I came to learn was that you really can’t live off of storm chasing anymore. Too many people have a professional camera in their pocket and will give any photos to media outlets, just to see their name online or on television. So, now I’m just a truck driver who has a very thrilling, and expensive, hobby of chasing storms in hopes of getting that once in a lifetime shot of a tornado!

I started a local news page awhile back. Was attempting to post on things that were happening locally. After not very many likes and a few critical reviews, I decided to take the page down. Fastforward to spring of 2019. I was sitting at home in bed one night and was watching a St. Louis news station cover an outbreak of severe weather that had brought damaging winds, large hail, and destructive tornadoes to the area. I thought to myself, “I really wish there was a local source for weather, one that was specifically paying attention and reporting for my area.” Then I realized I should try to make a page again. This time though, I made it only about weather. I wasn’t sure if it would really take off but I tried anyway. Now, fastforward to fall of 2019. As of 9:20 am on September 2nd, 2019, Madison County, IL Amateur Weather on Facebook has 932 followers! This is such a huge accomplishment! This is why I have decided to make a website.

The types of things you will see on this site will include local forecasts specifically for Madison County, IL, severe weather updates in words that the average non-weather geek can understand, national weather events that may interest you due to you having family or friends in those areas, and other weather related articles that may help you such as ways you can prepare for severe weather and ways to notice when your body is overheating. Again, thank you all for your continued support. I look forward to keeping you informed on local weather events. Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested in weather happening in Madison County, Illinois!

If this sound like the type of site you might be interested, don’t forget to subscribe with you e-mail to receive updates right to your inbox. Also, follow us Facebook and Twitter to instantly receive updates on severe weather that may impact you!

Published by Cameron Lawrence

Just an over-the-road truck driver with a passion for the weather.

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  1. Thx Cameron👍‼️ I like that you specifically post weather for Madison County, IL. Your posts are very informative. I’m sure more people will like your page👍‼️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My plan is to eventually form a non-profit that would provide relief aid to cities in the area that might get hit by a tornado. Unfortunately there’s a lot of work that goes into that and a lot of money. So that might be a few years down the road.


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