Catagory 5 Hurricane Dorian impacting the Bahamas.

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is a Category 2 Hurricane that is currently impacting the Bahamas Islands and is moving NW, dangerously close to Florida’s east coast.

At its strongest point, Dorian had a pressure of 910mb and maximum sustained winds of 185mph, with gusts over 225mph! This makes Dorian the strongest hurricane on record to ever hit the Bahamas and ties 2nd place for the strongest hurricane in history!

Dorian is heading towards the northwest, moving dangerously close to the coast of Florida, and threatening a landfall as a major hurricane in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, or Virginia, all of which have declared a state of emergency. Models have been very inconsistent with where this hurricane will go.

“Bodies are being collected all across Abaco this afternoon”

Sources told Bahamas Press.

The first death has was reported in the Bahamas as an 8 year old boy when Hurricane Dorian made landfall at Great Abaco Island on Sunday. At least seven people have died following the passage of Dorian. Bahamas Press tweeted a photo at 4:47pm of deceased victims being loaded on flatbed trucks across Abaco. Their sources say “bodies are being collected all across Abaco this afternoon.” It’s very likely that many more have died.

“I’d just seen my grandson about two days ago, and my grandson told me he loved me.”

Ingrid McIntosh, grandmother of 8yo boy who drowned, speeking to EyeWitness News, a local news source in the Bahamas.
Ingrid McIntosh speaking to local news source EyeWitness News about the death of her 8yo grandson.

Photographs and videos show absolute destruction as the buildings on the northern Bahama islands are being completely obliterated. As many as 13,000 houses have been destroyed or severely damaged already. Marsh Harbour, the main city on Great Abaco Island, has been “completely destroyed.” Bahamas Press @bahamaspress released a tweet on Monday at 2:05pm stating, “BP BREAKING| Emergency numbers on Grand Bahama are not working! The people need help!”

This story is ongoing and will change. Keep checking back for more updates Latest Update: Tuesday, 9/3/2019 at 9:05pm CDT.

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